Working with Space Agency, we created a portal from the mundane to the extraordinary for Hendrick’s Gin.

All the build, prop making and dressing was done by Setwo. Based at a venue in Shoreditch, we created Leslie’s Laundrette. We created the whole shop front and interior, with fake brickwork to blend it into the rest of the building. Inside the audience would meet Leslie and then get to climb through the washing machines into a world of lost laundry. This then led into the bar - The Aquarium In The Sky. This was where the public got to sample Hendrick’s Gin and explore the fantastical world of Hendrick’s. We bought to life their illustrations, the whale bar being the main focus to showcase and serve the gin from. The infinity room and clouds gave the sense you were up in the sky. Actors interacted with the audience to bring the world alive.

The audience were then led up a staircase encased in cloud which led to a slide which slid them back down into a laundry basket back in the Laundrette.