As a result of what we do here we invest a little more into our waste management than other companies like us so that we and our clients have the peace of mind that anything that goes to waste after any fabrication of any activation is 100% recycled with 0% going to landfill.

Another way we try to help offset our environmental footprint is by our commitment to donate to Trees for Life who plant 600 trees per year on our behalf in the Glen Affric National Nature Reserve of the Caledonian forest. The native species, grown in their tree nursery from locally collected seed include: birch, rowan, willow, oak, scots pine and many others.

These trees are being planted to restore the ancient Caledonian Forest and to help regenerate  wildlife there too. For more information please visit


      GREEN SETWO     Due to the nature of the work that we do here at SETWO, most of the materials we use are from authenticated & sustainable resources.  To offset our environmental footprint, we make monthly donations to Scottish charity Trees for Life who plant 300 trees each planting season. These native species, grown in their tree nursery from locally collected seed include; birch, rowan, willow, oak, Scots pine and many others.  Our grove has reached an incredible 2,610 trees that have been planted to restore the ancient Caledonian Forest in the Highlands of Scotland. Our trees are currently being planted in Glen Affric National Nature Reserve. This stunning glen contains a number of small forest fragments left over from when this area would have been completely forested.  The trees they are planting in this spectacular region are planted to connect these isolated fragments, allowing for an expansion of habitat and movement of forest species. The aim is to eventually plant enough trees to create connectivity over to the west and an expanse of forest which will allow species such as the red squirrel, capercaillie and possibly even beaver to move back into their historic range.  See our Instagram for tree updates, or visit